Turntable wall bracket adaptors / for old style bracket

Please note : These adaptors only fit the older style Rega wallbracket - new adaptors are available for the current 2016 wall bracket.

Aluminium push fit adaptors for the Rega turntable wall bracket allowing both the RP8 and RP10 to be used with the bracket.

Product Details

Designed to fit the latest Rega turntable wall bracket (2012 model onwards).
These precision aluminium cups are pushed onto the existing cups providing the large footprint required for the RP8 and RP10 Turntables. 

  • Push fit
  • 'O' ring damped
  • Optional anti-slip pad included

* All other Rega turntables will fit the bracket with or without the adaptors.

Technical Specification

Precision turned aluminium construction with damping 'O' ring and optional anti slip   pad

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