The Blessed Decline of Wordsworth Miller

Bill Philpot

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Written by our good friend Bill Philpot, coauthor of the Rega book “A vibration Measuring Machine” This is Bill's debut novel, published as a signed and numbered limited edition of 250 hardback copies. 

The Blessed Decline of Wordsworth Miller

Wordsworth Miller is a broken man. Having squandered a once successful career in London’s advertising industry, he has now, both literally and metaphorically, reached the end of the road.

Finding himself marooned somewhere on the Suffolk coast amongst a jumble of run-down fishermen’s sheds, the deranged ugliness of this God forsaken place jars with his carefully crafted sense of order and design, now sadly abandoned along with his personal history. Wordsworth is not at home in this place. He needs a drink. Set in Suffolk and London, The Blessed Decline of Wordsworth Miller tells the story of one man’s painfully funny journey to discover the value of a simple life.

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Reviews for ‘The Blessed Decline of Wordsworth Miller’

"This book is one of the rare kind that you can’t wait to finish then are bereft when you do. Wonderful observations of people and delightful relatable characters. A humorous and heart-breaking journey of Wordsworth as he tries to get his life on track. Loved it”

"The Blessed Decline of Wordsworth Miller is a triumph. It is beautifully written with characters who evolve and become like old friends. The landscape is familiar, like an old friend, with a real feel for the Suffolk coast. Wordsworth starts off as something of an anti-hero but we soon warm to him and wish him to succeed and find happiness. If you read anything this year make sure this is it, just excellent, I didn’t want it to end.”

"What a brilliant book - a very engaging read, I couldn't wait for the next instalment & Bill Philpot's witty writing style kept me giggling (and sometimes guffawing) all the way through. Alongside the humour was some serious stuff too - sensitively handled and covering many aspects of human emotion and connection. I love the way the story and characters were woven together as the book travelled back and forth in time. The characters became like familiar friends to me, and the setting was painted so well in words that it felt like home. For me the very best thing was the re-defining of the word 'success' - how the characters find their peace and happiness in the most unlikely of places. A joy to read.” 

“Bill Philpot has written a really lovely book. It’s about great events in ordinary lives. It’s about redemption. It’s about finding happiness when you don’t think you deserve to be happy.”

"Wordsworth Miller is a flawed but beautifully drawn character and he moves through this delightful story in the company of a big old cast of characters; and Bill draws them wonderfully as well. If you are looking for a book that you’ll enjoy reading and a story that you’ll enjoy being told, this might be it.”

“As someone who has had a similar fall from grace in the advertising world, I started to read the first few pages with a sense of increasing discomfort. Twice I was tempted to abandon the read but the brilliance of the storyteller continually drew me back. I’m so glad I stayed. It talks of losing what seems important, to win what actually is. With exquisite subtlety Wordsworth turned out to be a smasher. As did the book.”

"Wow, what a good read. I loved it and look forward to the sequel or dare I suggest the film. The characters became my friends, or acquaintances anyway. There were one or two I probably wouldn’t befriend. However, all the characters did come to life. I am sure I may have met some of them in pubs around Suffolk. You also caught the atmosphere of many a place in Suffolk, the coastal villages and the pubs. Well done Bill Philpot. The humour throughout was just brilliant.”

“It’s a great read and I think would make a great TV series with the gentleness and wonderful Suffolk location of the detectorists but far more storyline.”

“Best book I've read for ages, the sort of book you want to re-read straight away.”

“The Blessed Decline of Wordsworth Miller is a brilliant read. A wonderfully descriptive and uplifting story bursting with interesting characters each with their own story to tell and regularly punctuated with humour and pathos in equal amounts. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book of this length in less than a week but this was no problem at all. Already looking forward to the sequel.”

“I’ve just finished reading The Blessed Decline. I loved it. Didn’t want it to end. Eked out the final pages, but, alas, they finally ran out. I recognise your advertising world - it was also mine. I finally escaped and now write mostly screenplays - mostly unmade!