A Vibration Measuring Machine
A Vibration Measuring Machine

A Vibration Measuring Machine

Bill Philpot, Paul Messenger & Roy Gandy

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This innovative new book opens with an in-depth history of the company from the birth of it’s founder, Roy Gandy, to the present day, detailing the key events and the creation of new products along the way.

The book also unravels Roy Gandy’s thesis on hi-fi turntable engineering, examining every aspect of the engineering and structure of the component which has always been close to Roy’s heart. Finally, the book concludes allowing central figures from the company to tell, in their own words, their personal tales of commitment to the Rega ideals. This long-awaited book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in music reproduction, written with the home enthusiast, the professional manufacturer, and the hi-fi journalist in mind.

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A Vibration Measuring Machine is essential reading for anyone designing a turntable and, for that matter, anyone thinking of going into manufacturing whether that’s in the audio industry or beyond. There’s a lot to learn on both fronts.


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