“Owning a tortoise is a big commitment, I know, I inherited one, my family is now its third owner and I feel sure it will out-live me as it did its two previous owners. Luckily for the Tortoise my children adore her and I am confident she will be well looked after once I am gone.

Rega has unwittingly operated a similar long-term product survival plan instinctively using natural resources for multi-generational enjoyment.

Much to our surprise, in 2013, Cambridge University IFM awarded Rega one of its highest ever scores for corporate and social responsibility achieving 4.75 out of 5. The main contributing factors were sustainability and reduced environmental impact created by using UK suppliers and offering an almost unique lifetime manufacture warranty on every product.

Sadly, our current throw-away society is heavily influenced by consumerism. The result is an over consumption of short-lived or disposable items instead of durable goods than can be easily repaired and reused.

The Rega approach not only gives our customers confidence when purchasing but they will also be safe in the knowledge that our products are not destined to end up in landfill. Most will be handed down or perhaps sold on to new owners.

We regularly service older models some of which are nearly fifty years old. A drop of oil, a new drive belt and they are ready to go for another generation. Recycling is essential, using eco-friendly products and processes is important. But let’s save the world by making things that are built to last, that will be cherished by their owners and welcomed with open arms by those they are handed down to.

Sustainability or indefinite life, aren’t they the same thing?”

Simon W.