The Elex Mk4 wins Product of the Year and Aspirational Stereo Amplifier 2023.

The Elex Mk4 stereo Integrated amplifier takes the top prizes at the 2023 AV Forums awards.

The Elex Mk4 amplifier has won two major awards at this year’s  AV Forums Awards, on top of a raft of previous awards making it one of our most decorated amplifier's of all time.

The Elex was awarded MOST ASPIRATIONAL Stereo Amplifier and was then Awarded AV Forums highest accolade, Hi-Fi PRODUCT OF THE YEAR.

The full 10/10 Elex MK4 10/10 review can be read here

“There’s no other amplifier I’ve tested recently at the price that offers the imperious ability of the Elex Mk4. The latest refreshed Rega therefore has to be seen as a Best in Class”. 

- AV Forums

“This is an utterly brilliant bit of kit and very much the current class leader of the field at the asking price” 

- AV Forums