Rega 2021 Covid-19 update

We wanted to give you our customers an update on Rega during this third National lockdown.

As per Government advice, Rega as a manufacturing company remains open and operational. We are operating well within the strict Government guidelines as the wellbeing of our staff is our number one priority. Masks, social distancing, hand sanitisers, one-way systems and screens have all been the norm since re-opening after the first lockdown. However, in recent months we have gone even further with automated staff temperature screening at all main entrances, track and trace systems, onsite test kits and antibody tests that are made available to all staff.

Essex has of course been affected by the recent health issues which have directly impacted our production capabilities. A number of staff have had to self-isolate over the past weeks due to track and trace and we have had four employees that have tested positive (all of which, we are delighted to say, have recovered to full health).

These situations require temporary closure of certain production areas for a minimum of 24hrs. Our fantastic housekeeping team (deep clean in progress, see above) are on high alert and are specially trained in deep cleaning. In the case of track and trace or a staff member with symptoms the entire production team for the affected department is sent immediately to our nearest test centre, the production area is closed, sealed off and deep cleaned. We have also purchased electrostatic hygienization technology (hand-held antibacterial fogging machines) that sanitise large areas quickly.

We will continue to make as much hi-fi as humanly possible under the current Government and ACAS guidelines. If you are experiencing longer delivery times on Rega products than usual we want to thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times.

Remember, the best thing to do during lockdown is listen to more music!