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Naia_hero1.jpg (1).jpg

Why have an open day when you can have an open week?

Audio-T Brighton starting 25th November

The Audio-T team will be playing some of their favourite records on an all Rega system featuring TWO new products, the Rega Naia turntable including the Alphelion2  MC cartridge and Rega Aya Loudspeakers, the system will be completed using the Rega Aura phonostage and Rega Aethos amplifier.

“We felt that a system as good as this deserved to be featured for more than just the one day so to ensure we can reach as many people as possible we will keep this running for the whole of the following week, so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity and put some time to one side, a record under your arm and come and see us”.

Where to find us:

Tel: 01273 609431


Visit the Audio T Website here