Meet the New Zealand Couple Who Won a Full Rega System and 80 New Albums!

Congratulations to the winners of The Sound radio station’s Great Record Grab competition, Jenny and Mouse Taylor! They recently grabbed 90 albums at Real Groovy in Auckland, and then visited our Auckland store to claim their other prize, a sensational Rega hi-fi system.

Mouse is thrilled - 20 years ago Jenny sold Mouse’s beloved record collection in an impromptu garage sale, and it’s fair to say that he was devastated and hasn’t let her forget it! All is forgiven now though because Mouse now has a new record collection plus a Rega Planar 1 record player in stylish matt black, Kyte speakers, and io integrated amplifier. The Real Music Company partnered with The Sound radio station to offer not only The Great Record Grab but also the Rega hi-fi system to get Mouse and Jenny closer to their new vinyl collection. John and the team at our Auckland store presented Jenny and Mouse with their new system and showed them how easy it is to set up at home. There were hugs all around!

You can read the full story here.

Nice one Jenny and Mouse, and enjoy your new music!

Story by Debbie Stanton of N.A Distributors, Rega’s wonderful distributor in New Zealand.