Wax Records at Moorgate Acoustics

Some dreams take years to realise.

Our friends at Moorgate Acoustics has been selling good quality hi-fi equipment for 37 years. But this year company director Paul Hobson has finally realised his dream of opening a record store in the basement of their Woodseats showroom.

"It's finally come full circle - we can now offer our customers the music they love downstairs and the equipment needed to best enjoy it upstairs. I've been a music fan since my childhood and have always wanted to try and introduce more people to the thrill of great music. Now I get to have two cracks of the whip in the same building. We even have a stage for some live music!"
"The resurgence of vinyl is overdue. People who love music like it's warmth and it's tangibility. Phones and tablets have disconnected us from the thrill of enjoying music. Vinyl introduces better sound and the hands on nature that is so often lacking with "devices".

Moorgate Acoustics are one of the UK's leading specialists in good quality audio - much of it UK designed and manufactured. The company uses listening rooms (like your lounge at home) to demonstrate the various levels of equipment on offer. They sell everything from streamers to record players and everything in between.

Wax records opened on Tuesday the 23rd of April. It specialises in new and used vinyl and used CD's, especially classic rock, blues, Americana and metal.

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