The Spinning Toy

The Rega book “A Vibration Measuring Machine” discusses the hundreds of interrelated and interdependent engineering phenomena and compromises that are necessary to design a competent turntable. In the book we discuss the gyroscopic effect of the rotating platter and the necessity that the thrust point of the main bearing needs to be a specific distance from the centre of gravity of the rotating platter.



Some turntable manufacturers design their thrust bearing so that it is at the center of gravity of the rotating platter.
Rega has always believed this concept shows a misunderstanding of the various forces inherent in a rotating turntable.

Our little spinning toy demonstrates perfectly that a spinning flywheel with its centre of gravity close to the contact point is inherently unstable. In fact, it is so unstable that it will upend itself and spin in a more stable manner on a thrust point that is further away from its centre of gravity.


Visit your local Rega  dealer and give it a try, these are 'FREE' to all customers on a first come first served basis limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.

Give it a try, find a large flat surface and using the knurled end give the toy a good spin and see what happens!

**This product is intended for collectors of 14 years of age and above only as the product may present a choking hazard**

The Rega book a “Vibration Measuring Machine” is available to order though all Rega dealers or directly from the Rega website

These toys will be available towards the end of January 2019 and for a very limited period.




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