Rega at Deco Audio

"Rega equipment will be featured in our Showcase room every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Saturday July 1st to Saturday July 29th (and at other times by appointment). Various complete Rega systems will be setup throughout the month, featuring the bargain Planar 1 turntable through to the range topping Isis and Osiris and almost everything in between  (including some brand new items that we will be showing for the first time as they arrive through the course of the month - look out for the new Fono and Fono MC and the Ania cartridge, amongst others!). So why not bring along your favourite music on CD or LP and use the system as if it’s your own".

"The Showcase room is the demo room dedicated to our own year round ‘hi-fi show’, where different products are featured and you can simply walk in and listen to your hearts content with no pressure or hassle". 


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