Record Store Day 2016 turntable announced

Pete McKee designs exclusive ‘Club Rega’ artwork for RP1


The artwork on the Rega RP1 turntable has been designed by iconic Sheffield artist, Pete Mckee, most well-known for his work with Oasis, Teenage Cancer Trust, Warp Films and Arctic Monkeys. The turntable will go on sale in Record Store Day participating stores and Rega dealers on Saturday 16th April. Only 500 RP1s with the ‘Club Rega’ design have been made, making it a very limited and much-desired collector’s item.

Pete McKee, artist and designer of 'Club Rega' said - "As an owner of a Rega turntable I was extremely honoured to be asked to create a piece of artwork to adorn a Limited Edition version of their beautiful RP1 deck. The picture is a homage to the sweaty Beat Clubs of the 60's where the 7" single was king. Sweat dripping from the ceiling, the pulse of imported R&B pounding from the speakers and kids dancing their socks off all night. The association with Rega and Record Store Day is a brilliant marriage, I've been fortunate enough to spend my formative working life employed in various record shops in Sheffield and second hand vinyl stores, those days were the best of my working life, discovering great music on a daily basis and expanding my vinyl collection immensely at the expense of my weekly wage packet."

Sparking the idea for a Mckee-designed RP1 came last year, when Record Store Day, Rega and Mckee clubbed together to auction the one-off design for £1,000 for Warchild. There was a huge response to the design online inspiring us to create a similar turntable so more people could enjoy in their homes. 

Rega, sponsors of Record Store Day 2016 - "Rega are proud to be a partner again for Record Store Day 2016. It has been apparent from the beginning that the ethos of  Record Store Day and Rega in supporting both vinyl replay and specifically the independent retail sector made the relationship a match made in heaven. We have again produced a dedicated RSD turntable and will continue to encourage our independent stores to work with independent record shops all year round."


And to celebrate the Mckee- Record Store Day tie in, Mckee has also designed this year’s official Record Store Day t-shirt. Record Store Day fans will have the chance to buy this one-off design from shirt from participating shops, a list of which can be found here:



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