Audio-T Bristol. Rega Event

Audio-T Bristol, Rega open day. Come and audition the entire Rega range including...

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Planar 2 and Planar 3 now available in RED

A stunning new finish is now available to order from your nearest Rega retailer. The Planar 2 and...

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Welcome to the Rega factory tour

Ever wondered how and where we make all of our products ? Take a tour of our custom made UK facility...

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The Vinyl Factory - How the RP8 turntable is made.

Watch the latest film from The Vinyl Factory - They visited Rega back in November and made...

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A Vibration Measuring Machine - Rega Book

If you have ever wondered what makes Rega tick, how it all began, and have been moved by the magic of...

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Rega had another fantastic night at the 2016 WHAT HI-FI? awards. We scooped an incredible five...

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